Residential Pest Control

Pest Control in Telford.

Telford Pest Prevention Services provide professional pest control services in Telford and surrounding areas including Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale, Dawley, Donnigton, Hadley, Ketley, Lawley, Madeley, Muxton, Oakengates, Shawbirch, Priorslee, Trench & Wellington.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation – contact the experts now on 01952 427776 We will assess your home or business for FREE, so you don’t have to share your space with unwanted pests.

We have been providing residential pest control for over 20+ years, and always supply fixed quotes which don’t change when we arrive on site.

Pest Control Services

We offer a range of professional pest control and preventative services such as rodent eradication, proofing, and prevention.  We provide everything from same day wasp nest removals at residential locations to rodent eradication, proofing & prevention.

  • Rodent eradication (rats, mice & squirrels)
  • Rodent proofing (rats, mice & squirrels)
  • Rodent prevention (rats, mice & squirrels)
  • Pest bird control, clearance & prevention
  • ULV fogging treatments
  • Residual spray treatments for biting insects
  • Cockroach treatments & prevention
  • Ant treatments & prevention
  • Insect identification & treatments
  • Wasp nest treatments &control systems
  • Fly control, fly screens &  electric fly killers
  • Mole & rabbit treatments
Pest Control Services

Why We Are Different?

We have over 20+ years operating experience and are BCPA qualified. We meet all required health & safety regulations.   We are a local business and can provide same say response at competitive prices.

100% Safe
• BPCA qualified professionals
• 20 years operating experience
• Outstanding customer service
• Free quotation
• Competitive pricing
• Pest prevention specialists
• Unmarked vehicles
• Same day site response

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